GL-300S Crawler Drill Rig


Technical Parameter
Max drilling depth 330m
Drilling diameter 105-300mm
Air pressure 1.25-3.5Mpa
Air consumption 16-55m³/min
Rod length 3m/6m
Rod diameter 76/89/102mm
Main shaft pressure 6T
Lifting force 20T
Fast lifting speed 20m/min
Fast forwarding speed  40m/min
Rotary torque 8900 N.M
Rotary speed 30/170r/min
Winch lifting force 1.5T
High leg stroke 1.35-1.5m
Drilling efficiency 10-35m/h
Moving speed 2.5Km/h
Uphill angle 21°
Weight of the rig 7.8T
Dimension 4.9m x 2m x 2.3m
Working condition loose layer or bedding rock
Drilling method Top Hammer Hydraulic Rotating and feeding,
Down the hole hammer or mud pump drilling
Suitable hammer Medium and high pressure DTH hammer
Optional accessories Mud pump, centrifugal pump, generator, foam pump
Diesel Engine 77KW(Yuchai)