GLF600 Top Hammer Full Hydraulic RC Drill Rig


1. Technical Parameter

Model GLF600
Max. drill depth 400m
Drill diameter 105-400mm
Working air pressure 1.05-3.45 MPa 
Air consumption 16-55 m³/min
Drill rod length 3m
Drill rod diameter Φ102,108,127mm
Axial pressure  7t
Lifting force 28t
Slow lifting speed 5m/min
Slow feed speed 0.5-7m/min
Fast lifting speed 29m/min
Fast feed speed 48m/min
Rotation torque 10000/5000Nm
Rotation speed 0-75r/min;0-150r/min
Feeding efficiency 10-25m/h
Walking speed 2.5Km/h
Grade ability 21°
Weight 12.5t
Whole dimension 6.8×2.1×2.9m
Application formation Loose layer and bedrock
Drill method Reverse circulation down-the-hole hammer drilling
Hammer Middle pressure and high air pressure series

2. Structures features

1. The power system is a diesel engine driven hydraulic system. Walking, turning, advancing, lifting, outriggers, lifting, compensation, unloading, etc. are all

performed by hydraulic components.


2.  The reverse circulation dth hammer for rock drilling is used for down-the-hole operations, driven by air compressor and slag discharge


3.  During operation, use a reverse circulation impactor to perform air reverse circulation work. Double-wall drill pipes are used for air intake from the drill pipe interlayer, and slag discharge from the inner pipe.


4.  Ordinary drill pipes can also be used for direct circulation operations.


5.  The working device is composed of feeding mechanism, sliding frame (mast), top drive rotary power head, air intake box, sliding plate, compensation mechanism, centering device, rod unloading mechanism, hoisting system, etc.


6.  The axial pressure, advancing speed and rotation speed are adjustable.


7.  The walking is a crawler type self-propelled structure, which is easy to move. It adopts crawler type chassis. Steel track (inlaid with rubber blocks are optional, which is convenient for walking on urban roads). It is equipped with four high outriggers as standard. When it is transported over long distances and is loaded by a car, it does not need to be lifted, and it can be directly mounted on the car, which is convenient for transportation.


8.  There are four hydraulic outriggers to adjust the level and stability of the car body during operation.


9.  The auxiliary winch can lift objects within 1.5 tons (such as drilling tools, tools, etc.), and can also assist in loading and unloading drill pipes and drilling tools.


10.   The mast (sliding frame) can work in the range of 45° to 90°. The sliding frame is equipped with a compensation mechanism, which can move the sliding frame to the working surface, so that the sliding frame is pressed against the working surface, so that the sliding frame is stable and the working accuracy is improved.


11.  There are level gauges, angle plates and special centering devices to ensure the accuracy of the hole.


12.  The compressor system has a special lubricator to lubricate the dth hammer to improve the life of the dth hammer.


3. Main configuration modes and manufacturer


1. Crawler chassis, steel crawler block (rubber block can be added).


2. Built-in walking reducer.


3. Plunger hydraulic motor drives walking.


4. The rotation is driven by a double-low-speed and large-torque cycloid hydraulic motor (produced by Eaton’s Chinese-owned enterprise in the United States) to drive the first-level reducer.


5. The multi-unit gear pump adopts the products of Permco, the most authoritative hydraulic gear pump manufacturer in the United States.


6. The standard diesel engine is Yuchai 110Kw engine with multi-stage filter.


No. Name Model Manufacturer
1 Crawler 8T-350 Komatsu excavator chassis
2 Travel motor assembly Plunger Type Glorytek
3 Engine C150 YUCHAI
4 Triple gear pump 402 USA Permco
5 hydraulic winch 1.5T Glorytek
6 Rotary cycloid motor   American Eaton
7 Hydraulic directional control valve   Germany
8 Landing leg hydraulic lock   Italy
9 Hydraulic cylinder   Glorytek
10 Hydraulic pipe joint   Glorytek