GDL-350 Top drive drill rig


The drilling rig is a water well drilling equipment that integrates water drilling and air drilling functions. The drilling rig adopts a vehicle-mounted 525 gearbox, which is sensitive and convenient to switch gears. The transmission efficiency is doubled compared with hydraulic transmission, and the power consumption is reduced by 35%., which is energy efficienctly. It solves the difficult problems of air DTH hammer drilling in soil layers and low construction efficiency of rotary drilling rigs for hard rock layers, gravel and pebble layers.

Main features:
1. The drill speed can reach 27-901r/min, and the maximum output torque is 10500N.m.

2. The drilling rig adopts a long-stroke double-speed mechanism, a mechanical power head, and a power head stroke of 3500mm, which is used to improve drilling efficiency and reduce the occurrence of drill blocking and burning accidents.

3. The drilling rig adopts double oil pumps for oil supply. A single pump is used when drilling, and two pumps are used for confluence when lifting and lowering the drill. The power loss is small and the auxiliary time is short.

4. The crawler chassis is adopted, and the outrigger cylinder stroke is 1.5m, which can be loaded automatically, which is convenient for relocation and transportation.

5. The drilling rig reserves some functional interfaces in the mechanical and hydraulic systems, which can be expanded according to the technological requirements of different users.


1:Core drilling NQ/HQ/PQ

2:Air drilling + DTH hammer

3: Mud drilling with mud pump

Technical Specification

Drilling capacity Drilling depth for water well 300m152mm~203mm
Wireline coring NQ size 450~500m
Borehole (Drill bit) dia. Ø75Ø350mm
Drilling angle 90°
Drive head Lifting capacity 120KN
Thrusting capacity 85KN
Rotary speed RPM Forward27,51,93,129,156/ 193,247,437,737,901 r/min
Reverse48/219 r/min
Max. Torque 10500N.m
Power Unit Engine Model YN27GBZ
Rated power/speed 58KW(65KW optional)/ 2400r/min
Mechanical winch capacity 4.5 Ton
Drill pipe Drill pipe dia. Ø50/ Ø60 / Ø76/ Ø89mm       NQ/ HQ /PQ
Drill pipe length 3000mm
Mud pump(optional) BW160/ BW200/ BW250
Air lubricator (Optional)
Crawler chassis Walking speed 02 km/h
 Climbing angle Max. 25°~30°
High leg stoke 1.5M
Dimension Transport 5400*2000*2600mm
Working 3800*2400*7600mm
Weight with steel crawler 6500kg