GL-ⅡA Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

 Main Application

◆Drilling wells for urban and rural life
◆Drilling wells for agricultural irrigation and industries
◆Drilling for geotechnical survey
◆Drilling construction engineering holes
◆Drilling geothermal pump wells 


Main specification

Drill Rig
Engine power Yuchai YC6A210D 155KW
Feed force/pull back force 320/320KN
Rated torque 1300N·m
Main Shaft Rotating Speed 0-48,0-96r/min
Feeding Stroke 3300mm
Guide hole diameter Φ150(185)mm
Penetration Angle 8-20°
Hydraulic system pressure 20Mpa
Travelling Speed 2-2.6Km/h
Structure  Rubber track, mud pump all-in-one machine
Dimensions 2.85(L)×2.25(W)×2.4(H)m
weight 8.4T
Mud pump
Model BW-320
Max. Flow Rate 320L/min
Max. pressure 7Mpa(10Mpa)
Pulping system
Engine parameters 4KW diesel engine
Pulping pump parameters 30m3/h
Slurry tank capacity 2m3
Volume 6m3/h
Drilling Tools
Drill Rod Φ73×3000mm
Pilot bit Φ130(150)mm
Fluted Backreamer Φ325 Φ400 Φ500 Φ600 Φ720Φ830
Measurement and control instrument Optional