GLKD-4 Full Hydraulic Underground Core Drilling Rig


GLKD-4 full hydraulic underground drill rig is mainly applied in the coal, geology, metallurgy and engineering. It is used for coal mining, tunnel drilling, underground mining large diameter gas pumping gas discharge hole, infusion holes and surface large diameter horizontal drilling work.

Technical Parameter

Item Unit Spec. Remark
Rated rotary torque N.m 1492 489r/min
Rotary speed r/min 0-489-876  
Lifting force kN 110  
Feeding force kN 56  
Motor rated power Kw 75 Y280S-4-35B
Motor rated speed r/min 1500  
Feeding stroke mm 1800  
Drill head lifting speed working mm/s 31.4  
max. mm/s 88  
Drill head descending speed working mm/s 61.58  
max. mm/s 172.4  
Hydraulic pump Main Pump Set pressure MPa 28  
ERR100B Max. flow rate L/min 148  
Middle pump Set pressure Mpa 28  
A10V018 Max. flow rate L/min 26.64  
Back Pump Set pressure Mpa 28  
A10VO10 Max. flow rate L/min 14.8  
Vice winch single wire lifting capacity t 0.8  
Vice winch 1st speed m/min 91 wireline dia. 6mm
Vice winch 17th speed 240
Mud pump single-pump max. output L/min 160 2.5Mpa
Mud pump Max. pressure MPa 10 44L/min
drilling angle guid ° up:15,down:90 Continuously adjustable
Drill pipe mm Φ55.5*1500 600m
mm Φ69.9*1500 500m
mm Φ88.9*1500 250mm
mm Φ114.3*1500 150mm