D-215 Anchor Drilling Rig

Main Features:

The D-215 multifunctional hydraulic anchor drill rig finds it's usage at anchor & minipile engineering field for construction deep pit, subway, tunnel, railway, highway and disaster relief project. Powered by highly efficient turbocharge diesel engine of Cummins, the drill rig is economical utility with easy maintenance. Robust & compact top head with large torque and strong percussion, which developed by Bealong independently, is suitable to use in diverse geological stratum. Crawler with large tractive force, which manufactured by Bealong, gives smooth and reliable ride to drill rig at diverse road conditions. The efficiency of the hydraulic system of the drill rig improves dramatically through applying load sensing technology. The drill mast with large swing & tilt angles makes the drill rig more suitable for operating efficiently at various working conditions. Swingably & integrated operation panel of the drill rig gives drillers easier and more flexible operation.

Performance parameters:

Model   D-215
Power parameter    
Power type   Diesel power
Max. power output (KW)   CUMMINS QSC8.3-C215            160
Mode of operation   Rotary/Percussive
Electric system (V)   24
Fuel tank capacity (L)   380
1st circuit operating pressure(Mpa)   0-24
2nd circuit operating pressure(Mpa)   0-20
3th circuit operating pressure(Mpa)   0-25
Hydr. oil tank capacity (L)   500
Feed stroke (mm)   4000
Feed force (KN)   100
Retraction force (KN)   100
Feed rate (m/min) Low 0-15
High 0-50
Retraction rate (m/min) Low 0-15
High 0-50
Percussion Frequency (Times/min)   0-1150
Max.torque (N·m)   8750 (At high speed)
  15800 (At low speed)
rotating (r/min)   0-120 (High speed)
  0-60  (Low speed)
Transport dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)   7800*2280*2700
Weight (Kg)   13400