Z-1250 Anchor Drilling Rig

Z-1250 drill rig is designed for working in narrow spaces, such as  tunnel,  culver  and  foundation  ditch.  With  its rotating-percussion rotary head, it is suitable for drilling in stratum formations of sticky clay, sandstone as well as partially decomposed rock stratum. With down-the-hole hammer, it can drill in hard rock formation efficiently. The emission standard of its power engine is TIERIII. With 360 degree horizontal and vertical rotating tables, it can be used efficiently for drilling holes to front facet, flank facet as well as ceiling of tunnels. In the operation panel, there is a special designed operation handle for shifting to grout jetting drilling technique, with suitable rotating and pull back speed for high efficiency grout jetting.

Model Z-1250
Max.drillingdepth(m) 70
Drillingdia.(φmm) 100-200
Max.poweroutput(KW) CUMMINSQSB4.5-C160III123
Ratedoutputat220rpm(KW) 119
Electricsystem(V) 24
Fueltankcapacity(L) 200
1stcircuitoperatingpressure(Mpa) 0-22
2ndcircuitoperatingpressure(Mpa) 0-22
3thcircuitoperatingpressure(Mpa) 0-20
Hydr.oiltankcapacity(L) 400
Feedstroke(mm) 2500
Feedforce(KN) 50
Retractionforce(KN) 50
Feedrate(m/min) 0-10
Retractionrate(m/min) 0-10
Fastfeedrate(m/min) 0-50
Fastretractionrate(m/min) 0-50
Rotarysprayliftingspeed(m/min) 0-2.8(Adjustable)
Modeofoperation Rotary/Percussive
Percussionfrequency(Times/min) 0-1150
Max.torqueathighspeed(N·m) 6000/4250
Max.torqueatlowspeed(N•m) 12000/8500
Highrotatingspeed(r/min) 0-920-144/0-640-100
Lowrotatingspeed(r/min)(Adjustable) 0-460-72/0-320-50
Transportdimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 5900*1500*2850
Weight(Kg) 8500