XR150DII Rotary Drilling Rig


No. Name Unit Parameter Value
1 Maximum drilling diameter mm Æ1500
2 Maximum drilling depth m 55 (5 knots) standard, 44 (4 knots) optional,
44m (machine-locked 4 knots) optional
3 Allowable safety drilling range (to the center of gyration) mm 3,250-3,650
4 Dimensions of the drilling rig in operation (L*W*H) mm 7,122X4,100X18,945
5 Dimensions of the drilling rig in transportation (L*W*H) mm 13,050X3,100X3,060
6 Total weight (including drilling tools in standard configuration) t 49
7 Engine Engine model   Cummins B5.9-C
Rated power/revolution kW 133/2,000r/min
Maximum torque N.m 553/1500r/min
8 Hydraulic system Maximum operating pressure of master cylinder Mpa 32
9 Power unit Maximum torque of power unit kN.m 150
Revolution of power unit rpm 6月28日
10 Pressurizing oil cylinder Maximum loading force of pressurizing oil cylinder kN 120
Maximum lifting force of pressurizing oil cylinder kN 160
Stroke of pressurizing oil cylinder mm 3,500
11   Lifting force of main winch kN 155
Main winch Maximum speed of single rope of main winch m/min 75
  Diameter of wire ropes of main winch mm 28
12 Auxiliary winch Lifting force of auxiliary winch kN 50
Maximum speed of single rope of auxiliary winch m/min 70
Diameter of wire rope of auxiliary winch mm 16
13 Drilling mast Left/right-tilting angle of the mast ° 3月3日
Forward-tilting angle of the mast ° 5
14 Slewing of rotary table Slewing angle of rotary table ° 360
15 Traveling Maximum traveling speed of the machine km/h 3.2
Maximum gradeability of the machine % 40
16 Crawler Crawler width mm 700
Outer width of crawler (min.-max.) mm 3,100-4,100
Center distance of two crawler wheels in longitudinal direction mm 4,323