Type 200Y Full-Hydraulic Crawler Water Well Drill


1-Technical Parameter
Model: 200Y
Max. drill depth:200m
Drill diameter:105-400mm
Diesel Engine: 56KW (Yuchai)
Working air pressure:1.05-3.45MPa
Air consumption:16-55 m³/min
Drill rod length:2m
Drill rod diameter:89mm/76mm
Axial pressure: 5t
Lifting force:12t
Slow lifting speed:2.3m/min
Fast lifting speed:13.8m/min
Slow feed speed:0.5-3.8m/min
Fast feed speed:22.8m/min
Rotation torque:5000Nm
Rotation speed:0-80r/min
Drilling Method: Downhole hammer or Mud Drilling
Travel speed:2.0Km/h
Grade ability:15°
Weight:5.2 t
Whole dimension:4.0×1.7×2.1m
Application formation:Unconsolidated layer or bedding rock
Drill method: Down the hole or mud pump drilling
Hammer:Medium or high air pressure series

2- Structure Features

1- Diesel engine-driving hydraulic system. Travel, rotate, feed, hoist, land, lift, unload, and so on all are run by Hydraulic components.

2-Working unit consists of feed system, slide guide(mast),top-driving rotary head, slide plate, centering apparatus, unloading system, hoisting system, etc.

3-Axial pressure, feed speed and rotation speed are adjustable.

4-Crawler self-driven structure travel mode, easy to move. Use crawler chassis. Steel track
link(Inlaying rubber block is in option which is easy to travel on city streets)

5- During operation, three hydraulic landing legs will adjust the rig body level and stability

6-Auxiliary hoist can list items within 1.5 ton (such as drilling tools, tools, etc), and also help to load or unload drill rod and drill tools.

7-The slide guide can be fixed with the body during operation in order to improve the operating stability of the mast.

8-Level instrument and dedicated centering apparatus ensure the perpendicularity and accuracy of the drilling hole.

9- Compressed-air system provides special oil mist lubricator to lubricate the impactor and longer the serving life of it.