GL-III Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Main Application

◆Drilling wells for urban and rural life

◆Drilling wells for agricultural irrigation and industries

◆Drilling for geotechnical survey

◆Drilling construction engineering holes

◆Drilling geothermal pump wells


Main specification

Drilling Parameter
Hole diameter 120--1500(mm)
Hole depth 400(m)
Run Of Rod 3、4(m)
Drill rod diameter φ73 φ89 φ95 φ133(mm)
Drilling Technology Normaland Reverse Circulation for both Mud and Air
Down-The-Hole hammers: Middle-High-Pressure Air
Performance parameter
Drill Head Inside Diameter φ80 φ120
Drill Head lifting Force(kN) 130
Drill Head Spin Speed: A(Forward:20-33-73,Reverse:13-23-47r/min
Shape Parameters
Dimensions (L-W-H) Working conditions 9600×2950×7900(mm)
Transport status: (L-W-H) 10200×2470×3300(mm)
Supporting Form Hydraulic Unit
Mast Up-Down Hydraulic Unit
Rig mass 12500(Kg)
Chassis Dongfeng EQ 1141/JiefangCA1127 (four-wheel drive)
Power Unit Diesel Engine
Power 84(kW)
Pump BW600/30 Mud Pump
Flow(m³/h) 720 513 335
Pressure(MP): 3 4 5
Main Hoist Lifting Force 25(kN)
Auxiliary Hoist Lifting Force 8(kN
Notes: Drill head spin speed can be selected, A is normal

GL-III Rig Show

1、Working with air compressor

2、Rig Show