GL-I Trailer Mounted Drilling Rig

Main Application

Drilling wells for urban and rural life

Drilling wells for agricultural irrigation and industries

Drilling for geotechnical survey

Drilling construction engineering holes

Drilling geothermal pump wells

Main technical parameters:

Hole diameter(mm) Dimensions(mm)(L-W-H)Working conditions
Hole depth(m):120 Max Transport status(mm): 6000×2020×2880
Run Of Rod(m):3 Supporting Form: Mechanical Screw
Drill rod diameter(mm): φ60 φ73 φ89 φ95 φ133      Mast Up-Down:Mechanical Drive
Drilling Technology:Normal and Reverse Circulation for both Mud and Air Rig mass(Kg):2500
Down-The-Hole hammers: Middle-High-Pressure Air Chassis: Trailer with two wheels
Drill Head Inside Diameter :φ35 φ60 φ80 Power Unit: Diesel Engine
Drill Head Lifting Speed(m/s): 0.25 0.15 Power(kW): 22
Drill Head lifting Force(kN): 55.40 94.55 Pump FSB-50 composite two-stage pump group
Drill Head Spin Speed: Flow(m3/h)50
A(Forward:14-30-66,Reverse (r/min): 13-23-50 Main Hoist Lifting Force(kN): 18.54
B(Forward:48-84-184,Reverse (r/min): 36-62-137 Feed Thrust(kN): 0-15
Notes: Drill head spin speed can be selected, A is normal.

Drilling rig show: