400C Full-Hydraulic Crawler Water Well Drill Rig


1、Technical Parameter

Model:  400C
Max. drill depth: 250m
Drill diameter: 110-325mm
Diesel Engine: 93KW (Cummins)
Working air pressure: 1.05-2.46MPa
Air consumption: 16-34 m³/min
Drill rod length: 3m
Drill rod diameter: 89mm/76mm
Axial pressure:  5t
Lifting force: 12t
Slow lifting speed: 4m/min
Fast lifting speed: 14.5m/min
Slow feed speed: 6.2m/min
Fast feed speed: 25m/min
Rotation torque: 5700-6600Nm, 2820-3300Nm
Rotation speed: 0-90r/min, 0-180r/min
Drilling Method: Downhole hammer or Mud Drilling
Travel speed: 3.5Km/h
Grade ability: 21°
Weight: 7.8 t
Whole dimension: 6×2.1×2.8m
Application formation: Unconsolidated layer or bedding rock
Drill method:  Down the hole or mud pump drilling
Hammer: Medium or high air pressure series

2、Structure Features

1、Diesel engine-driving hydraulic system. Travel, rotate, feed, hoist, land, lift, unload, and so on all are run by Hydraulic components.
2、Working unit consists of feed system, slide guide(mast),top-driving rotary head, slide plate,centering apparatus, unloading system, hoisting system, etc.
3、Axial pressure, feed speed and rotation speed are adjustable.
4、Crawler self-driven structure travel mode, easy to move. Use crawler chassis. Steel track link(Inlaying rubber block is in option which is easy to travel on city streets).
5、During operation, four hydraulic landing legs will adjust the rig body level and stability.
6、Four extra high landing legs are available, during long-distance transportation loaded with vehicle, it can be moved onto the vehicle directly and easy for transportation, no need to be loading or lifting.
7、Auxiliary hoist can list items within 1 ton (such as drilling tools, tools, etc), and also help to load or unload drill rod and drill tools.
8、The slide guide can be fixed with the body during operation in order to improve the operating stability of the mast.
9、Level instrument and dedicated centering apparatus ensure the perpendicularity and accuracy of the drilling hole.
10、Compressed-air system provides special oil mist lubricator to lubricate the impactor and longer the serving life of it.