HDD25 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

HDD25 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig


Brief Introduction:

HDD25 horizontal directional drilling rig is a one-piece fully self-loaded design, adopts an open loop, hydraulic control mode, hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer, electrical control system, etc. are selected from domestic well-known brand products with high reliability.



HDD25 adopts steel track self-propelled chassis, which has strong site adaptability and high reliability. It is equipped with China well-known brand walking reducer, which is stable performance and reliable quality.

Track wheelbase 1710mm
Outer width of crawler 2060 mm
Track width 350 mm
Gauge 1360 mm
Walking reducer IKY2.52.5A-2900
Gradeability 30%
Walking speed 1.5km/h
Weight 10t


2. Engine system

The Cummins turbocharged engine is selected, which has strong power and emission meets the third stage of the country.

Engine model QSB5.9-C180-33
Rated power 132KW
Maximum torque 800N·m /(1500r/min)
Rated speed 2200 r/min
Meet emission standards China Stage III
Fuel tank volume 355L


3. Hydraulic system

Both rotation and push-pull use an open hydraulic system. They are domestic well-known brand components with reliable quality.

Power head rotation system Rotary pump CBGj80
Pressure 200bar
Motor Eaton 6K-490*2
Power head push-pull system Push-pull pump CBGj80
Pressure 200bar
Motor XM05-200*2
Hydraulic oil tank volume 450L
Hydraulic oil HD46 (-15℃~40℃)


4. Electrical system 

System voltage DC24V
Push-pull rotary handle 2SK6T-3XZD2
Rotary handle 2SK6T-3XZ
Travel switch none


5. Mast boom

Adopting the rear support cylinder to change the amplitude, the angle adjustment operation is simple and the range is large.

Drill frame adjustment angle 2~24°


6. Power Head

The drilling rig completes the push-pull action through the rack and pinion; The floating of the power head box can effectively protect the drill pipe thread; The fixed motor realizes high-speed push and pullback.

Maximum push-pull force 275kN
Maximum push-pull speed 35m/min
Maximum rotating torque 8000 N·m
Maximum rotation speed 135/68r/min
Maximum stroke of power head 3500mm
Rotary reducer N/A
Push-pull reducer China brand


7.  Clamp

The drilling rig is equipped with a rotating self-centering clamping and unfastening device, which can clamp the drill rod firmly; The vision is good, and it is also convenient for the maintenance and replacement of the jaws.

Shackle torque 20000N·m
Shackle rotation angle 20°


8. Cab

Rotating noise-proof cab, with adjustable seats, equipped with heating and cooling air- conditioning, which greatly improves the operating comfort of the drilling rig. The internal lighting, windshield wiper, high-end leather seats and other configurations are suitable for operation.

Cab width  950mm
Cab length  1200mm


9. Drill pipes, drilling tools (optional)

Standard oil drill pipe or non-excavation special double top drill pipe can be selected; the back reamer can be fly-cutter reamer, barrel reamer, and fluted reamer. The size of the joints at both ends of the drill pipe is API NC23.

Note: The maximum push-pull force and maximum torque that the drill pipe can withstand cannot reach the maximum at the same time. To avoid sticking during use of the drill pipe, please observe the maximum connection torque limit during the use of the drill pipe.

Main technical parameters:

Item Parameter
Engine Manufacturers Cummins
Model QSB5.9-C180-33
Power rating 132KW
Thrust-Pull Max pull/thrust force 270KN
Max pull/thrust speed 35m/min
Rotation Torque 8000N.m
Max spindle speed 135r/min
Pipe Diameter × Length φ 73*3000
Max inclination angle 24
Loader Crane Lifting weight N/A
Travel driving  Style Steel crawler self-propelled
Traveling speed 1.5 km/h
Weight 10t
Dimension  L×W×H 6.0*2.06*2.3m


Main configuration

Rotary pump CBGj80(Domestic)
Push pump CBGj80(Domestic)
Rotary Motor 6K490(Eton)
Rotary reducer none
Push Motor XM05 200
Push reducer G11.09HH-SRI
Main valve 2GCJX-G25L
Swivel handle 2SK6T-3XZ
Push and pull handle 2SK6T-3XZD2
Walking speed reducer IKY2.52.5A-2900
Hydraulic cylinders /
Lorry crane /
Hydraulic tubing /