Beijing International Coal Mining Equipment & Technology Exhibition (28-30,NOV,2012)

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The characteristics of 2012 China Beijing International Coal Mining Equipment & Technology Exhibition: 1. superior characteristics: the most authoritative exchange of coal chemical industry which can not t be missed.
2. authority Exchange: a high-profile and world-class professional coal-chemical industry exchange which is supported by 28 national authorities.
3. eye-catching congress received much supports and solicitude from overseas and domestic leading enterprises.

China Beijing International Coal Mining Equipment & Technology Exhibition showing the image and latest achievements of large-scale mining groups at home and abroad, the coal city investment projects, the latest coal mining industry manufacturing equipment. The coal mining manufacturing equipment: Shearer and its accessories, electrical shovel stands and its accessories, scraper conveyor and its accessories, mining vehicles, pumping station, and mining metallurgy equipment.

Coal Mining Equipment Exhibition - Main Products Groups

  • Mining companies,mining planning
  • mining engineering design
  • mining construction
  • mining products trading
  • mining rights trading
  • Mine-exploring technology and equipment
  • Mining technology and equipment: excavating equipment
  • drilling equipment
  • loading equipment
  • transportation equipment
  • lifting equipment
  • drilling and blasting equipment
  • construction machinery
  • Equipment for mining crushing
  • screening & grinding: crushing equipment
  • screening equipment
  • grinding machinery
  • transportation equipment
  • Mineral Processing technology & equipment: flotation machine
  • magnetic separator
  • gravity concentration equipment
  • electric separator
  • grading equipment
  • concentrating equipment
  • filtration equipment
  • mineral processing reagent and Other mining chemicals
  • Mineral smelting technology and equipment: hydrometallurgy technology & equipment
  • electrolytic smelting technology & equipment
  • pyrometallurgy technology & equipment
  • Equipment of tailing disposal
  • acid mine wastewater treatment
  • mining software

Coal Mining Equipment Exhibition Prime Highlights

The prime highlights Coal Mining Equipment Exhibitionw are:

  1. More than 20 government agencies, industry associations From iron mining, nonferrous metal mining, gold mining, rare earth mining, manganese mining, nonmetal mining, cement, coal mining, chemical minerals, etc.
  2. More than 20 countries, nearly 3000 professional merchants From Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Brazil, Chile, Peru, South Africa, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, America, etc.
  3. More than 300 mine design institutes, mine engineering contractors China Metallurgical Mining group,China Enfi Engineering Corporation, Sino Steel Corporation, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy,Changsha Institute of mining research, MaAnShan Institute of mining research, China Nonferrous Metal Industry Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd, China Nerin Engineering company, Kunming mining Research Institute, China Aluminum international engineering company, ShouGang International Engineering Tec

Coal Mining Equipment Exhibition Target Visitors Groups

  • Minerals & Metallurgy
  • Coal & Mine Equipment
  • Technical Equipment
  • Producers
  • Buyers
  • Dealers
  • Agents
  • Mining Service Providers Research Institutions Staffs
  • Official Departments
  • Overseas Delegation