China International Trenchless Technology Seminar 2018

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Time: 2018/4/11-2018/4/13

Place: Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Sponsored by CSTT, China Association for Science and Technology, Department of International Cooperation and Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources, China Geological Survey, International Association for Trenchless Technology (ISTT), China University of Geosciences and other organizations The 21st China International Trenching Technology Seminar and Exhibition (ITC 2017 of the 21st Association Academic Annual Conference) will be held from April 14th to 16th, 2017 at the Suzhou International Expo Center.

From 2015 to 2016, China's trenchless technology industry is rapidly developing. The extensive application of trenchless technology in municipal, gas, communications, and petroleum industries has enabled the non-dig technology to make significant progress. In 2016, the exhibition attracted more than 200 companies to register for the exhibition. After screening, there were 82 companies exhibiting their latest products and technologies. Among them, 20 companies exhibited for the first time, about 80% of exhibitors brought dozens of physical products to the exhibition, and all light areas were specially equipped. The domestic equipment of this exhibition is further improved in terms of performance, quality and appearance. The exhibition attracted foreign equipment buyers from Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, India, Singapore, South Korea, and Canada. In the three-day exhibition, more than 90% of the exhibitors reached a purchase and sales agreement, a considerable number of equipment, exhibits were retained, all companies have achieved good results.

2018 China International Trenchless Technology Seminar Scope: 

Horizontal Directional Drilling and Installation of Drilling Rig, Guiding Instrument and its Auxiliary Equipment, Drilling Tools and Mud Materials;

Horizontal directional drilling rigs, guides and their ancillary equipment, drilling tools and mud materials;
Impact pikes and rammer hammers and their ancillary equipment;
Pipe jacking machine and its ancillary equipment, drilling tools and mud materials;
Underground pipeline repair equipment, cleaning equipment, etc.;
Pipeline replacement equipment and its ancillary equipment;
Underground pipeline testing equipment;
Water supply and drainage pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, power and communication pipelines, and their anticorrosive materials;
Non-excavation construction technology and its software;
All kinds of non-excavation pipe welding machines, lifting machines and other ancillary equipment;
Related trenchless equipment supporting production units.